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Hiren Gada, a Chartered Accountant turned Mountaineer from Mumbai started his trekking journey in December 2015. After trekking and climbing in Himalayas and Sahyadris for 3 years, he realized that his true self resides in the Mountains. Hiren quit his well-paying corporate job and decided to pursue mountaineering full time. His recent summits include Matho Kangri (5,930 meters), Chakula II (6,250 meters - team abandoned the climb after reaching at 6,130 meters.), and Stok Kangri (6,150 meters). He has recently worked as assistant guide in Himalayas on two commercial trekking expeditions. We hope you have a great time with him!

Events & Reviews

Irshalgad Fort Trek—MUM002

Amazing weekend

Rated 5 out of 5
30th November 2019

It was all of a sudden plan. Met new people and within no time share a great bond. Getting positive energy throughout from all people and especially Kuntal bhai. His mountaineering experience and stories were very motivating, energetic and knowledgable. Thanks to green masif for making my day.


Good climb, Heavy Lunch. Fantastic outdoors time!

Rated 4 out of 5
28th November 2019

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This guy is a one-man team and does multiple tasks by himself. What I appreciate the most is his climbing skill. He is so comfortable even on steep hills that I makes you wonder if he was born in the mountains.
The trek was fun and the spot (Irshalgadh) is a really cool and easy one to climb with a kickass view from the top. The lunch arranged was also very good. Will keep coming for more.

Rohit Khaitan


Rated 5 out of 5
28th November 2019

It was a Overall A Wonderful experience. The organizers were Very helpful and friendly. Enjoyed the food alot. Looking forward for upcoming Expeditions.

Shreyas Dharmadhikari

My First Trek

Rated 5 out of 5
25th November 2019

Very helpful and skilled. They helped me through my first trek and motivated me that i can reach the top.

Ayush Garg

Irshalgad Fort Trek

Rated 5 out of 5
25th November 2019

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Bhivpuri Lakeside Camping—MUM004

Amazing experience and lots of memories!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
21st December 2019

I really enjoyed my first time outdoors. I was able to learn how to assemble a tent and how to make a campfire (also how to completely mess one up.. 😜). I made friends with people who were both junior and senior to me and got to know about their own unique ideas of having fun. One particular thing I enjoyed was when Hiren and Yogesh Sir shared their memorable experiences during their various mountaineering events. In essence, I really got to experience the idea of being one with the nature, meeting and being comfortable in new company by attending this wonderful camp. Kudos to Yogesh Sir, Hiren and Jeet for coming up with this activity. I sincerely recommend this camping event for people who are new to this amazing world of camping, hiking and trekking!

Mohit Kulkarni

Enjoyed a lot!

Rated 5 out of 5
21st December 2019

I enjoyed camping a lot with all of you …I learnt a lot of skills and new ideas from this experience.. setting up a tent and lighting up a campfire..I enjoyed being with all of you and getting to know all….Yogesh uncle and Hiren Bhai gave remarkable inspiration and ideas…I did make many friends and enjoyed playing “challenge” with Suraj Dhiraj Mohit and Kunal…. The views of the moonlight and morning sunrise was mesmerizing…The beautiful memories are already drilled into my mind…It was a good break from the urban city life and enjoying in nature…one valuable lesson I learnt is that nature is a perennial companion to man and it did make me feel greatful for the comforts that I behold…A big thanks to Green Massif for organizing this event… looking forward for another adventurous event together👍👍

Rahil Mehta