Hiren Gada

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Hiren Gada, a Chartered Accountant turned Mountaineer from Mumbai started his trekking journey in December 2015. After trekking and climbing in Himalayas and Sahyadris for 3 years, he realized that his true self resides in the Mountains. Hiren quit his well-paying corporate job and decided to pursue mountaineering full time. His recent summits include Matho Kangri (5,930 meters), Chakula II (6,250 meters - team abandoned the climb after reaching at 6,130 meters.), and Stok Kangri (6,150 meters). He has recently worked as assistant guide in Himalayas on two commercial trekking expeditions. We hope you have a great time with him!

Events & Reviews

Irshalgad Fort Trek—MUM002

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Bhivpuri Lakeside Camping—MUM004

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