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Trek to Kalsubai Peak via Bari Village

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Mt. Kalsubai Trek is an easy difficulty grade trek in the Sahyadri – Igatpuri region of Maharashtra, India. The highest point of the trek is at 5400 ft (1646 m), making it Maharashtra’s highest peak. This trek starts from Bari village located near Igatpuri, Maharashtra at an altitude of 2700 feet – which means you’ve already gained this much altitude just by car.

This trek falls under the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Visit this trek for its lush green landscapes and multiple waterfalls during monsoons, beautiful rice paddies, cultural hotspot i.e. the temple on the top, and the beautiful play of clouds during sunrise and sunset.




5400 feet


6.6 km


1 Day









You Should Visit Mount Kalsubai Peak if You..

- Want to climb the highest peak of Maharashtra

- Want to be above the clouds

- Love a comfortable, short, and easy hike

Kalsubai Trek Navigation Route Map (Igatpuri)

Contact us at to download the KML file of Kalsubai Trek Route Map via Bari.

Kalsubai Shikhar Trek Route (Via bari)

Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra, but contrary to what you would expect, the route is fairly simple. It does not involve any technical patches since there are 4 iron ladders that help you climb the complex vertical patches. It also does not involve very long, steep climbs. It’s a long walk through the mountains with multiple moderately climbs and ladders.

The route begins in Bari village beside a the Ramaji Baba Temple. From here on, you first pass through a village and then you cross a tiny dam on a stream (you might want to get rid of your shoes while crossing this - feels beautiful).


The entire hike from here till the top can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending on your speed. The trail also has a lot of shacks and stalls all the way to the top. You can always find bottled water, lemonade, Maggi, bhajiya (pakoda), and similar local snacks at these shacks.

There are a lot of monkeys on the way so stay alert and keep all the valuable belongings safe especially near the ladders. These monkeys tend to ambush groups at the ladders and try to snatch their belongings.

The route is very well marked from start till the end and there are a lot of trekkers on this route all around the year. You can download the route of this trek and monitor the path.

If you do this as a night trek (and we highly recommend that), do not aim to reach the top by dawn. Try reaching till the sunrise point which is at the 70% mark of the route. You will be in for a treat.

Kalsubai under clouds monsoon sunrise

During the entire, you will never be able to see the peak until the last leg of the trek. Once you climb the final ladder, you will on top of Maharashtra’s highest peak where’s a tiny temple. You can view a lot of popular peaks such as Ratangad, Alang-Madan-Kulang, and more if the weather is clear.

How to Reach Kalsubai Peak Base Village?

Bari Village

The base village, Bari, is at about 600m ASL in Akole taluka of Maharashtra. Bari is a farming village and has a lot of homes which are open to hikers and trekkers for food and accommodation.

How to Reach Bari Village with Local/Public Transport:

1. From Mumbai: Take a local train till Kasara railway station which is on the central line. Alternately, you can also go to Igatpuri, catching an express train.

Options of ST buses as well as shared Jeeps from both Kasara and Igatpuri are available. Buses going to Akole, Pune, Sangamner, etc. all have a stop Bari.

kalsubai bari road jeep top hikers

If you can’t find any direct mode of transport from Kasara, take a shared Jeep or bus till Ghoti. There are a number of options available from Ghoti.

These services start as early as 5 AM but avoid opting for bus/shared jeeps in the night. You can hire a direct Jeep till Bari from Kasara/Igatpuri for 3500 to 4000 INR. This can be shared by around 8-11 people and will be a good option if you have a big group. (You can find contact details for this in the “Local Contacts” section.

2. From Pune: Catch an Igatpuri bus leaving from Shivajinagar bus stand at around 1:30 PM and reaching Bari village around 8:00 PM. Contact your guide and they will arrange accommodation for you at nominal costs.

Alternately, travel till Nasik, catch a bus to Igatpuri, and get down at Ghoti. As mentioned previously, multiple options available for Ghoti-Bari (22 km) travel.

If you’re interested in some bus-hopping, travel to Sangamner from Pune. From Sangamner, go to Rajur or Akole and catch a bus going to Kasara or Igatpuri or Ghoti (all stop at Bari Village) from Rajur or Akole. Direct bus for Igatpuri via Bari is available from Sangamner at 5:00 AM. Use the same method to get back.

How to Reach Bari Village with Private Transport:

Bari village is accessible by road. Just make sure that you download the area before starting your journey because you might lose the signal multiple times on the way.

Availability of Resources on Top of Kalsubai Shikhar

Drinking Water:

No natural source. Available at multiple food stalls on the way.


Maggi, snacks, packed food and traditional Maharashtrian style home-cooked food available at all the stalls and shacks on the way.


There are a lot of Homestays in Bari Village and they let you stay for a very nominal cost.

Local Contact for Kalsubai Trek

Food and Accommodation at Bari Village:

Goraksh: +91 7030635112 / +91 9689866962 / +91 9527686166

Food and Accommodation at Bari Village  (Near Temple):

Santosh Khade: +91 9923442273

Transport from Kasara to Bari Village:

Ananda: +91 9823761312

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai and Why


September-October are the months when the Sonki Flowers (Senecio bombayensis) bloom in most parts of the Western Ghats. The temperatures, the rain, and the crowd isn't as extreme as the peak of monsoon. Additionally, the pictures of the beautiful clouds that you saw above were all clicked in September.

June to January:

Kalsubai is a pleasant place to visit pretty much throughout the year. In monsoons, you get to see lush green expanses of land and magical clouds all around you. In winters, you get to see the neighboring peaks which are otherwise buried beneath clouds during monsoon.

The scorching heat of summers makes trekking uncomfortable and hence you can avoid doing a day-hike during summers (between late February and late May).

Things to Pack for Kalsubai Trek

- 3 Liters of water (compulsory)

- Torch with extra batteries (Do not rely on your phone’s torch) - preferably buy a headlamp

- Sun hat or cap

- Blankets and sheets (if you plan to camp or if it’s a night trek)

- Warm clothes during winters (Temperature could drop below 10° Celsius)

- Sports shoes or trekking shoes (strictly no sandals or chappals)

- Comfortable t-shirt (preferably dry-fit and full sleeves)

- Comfortable trousers (no jeans or shorts)

- Extra pair of clothes and a hoodie (weather gets chilly before sunrise)

- Electrolyte powder (such as Electral, Enerzal, etc.)

- Light snacks to munch on during breaks

- Fresh fruits / Dried fruits such as dates, figs / Nuts mix, etc for eating along on the trail

- A small day pack to carry all the above (Kindly avoid handbag/sling bag)

- Personal medications, if any

- Optional items: sun goggles, wet tissues, hand sanitizer, cameras, etc.


The schedule for the trek can be as follows:

Day 1:

07:00 PM - Reach Kasara railway station and leave for Bari
09:00 PM - Reach Bari Village and have Dinner at a local’s place

Day 2:

02:00 AM - Start the hike
05:30 AM - Reach the Peak and wait for sunrise
07:00 AM - Start descending
10:00 AM - Have Breakfast & tea, the leave for Kasara
12:00 PM - Reach Kasara and catch a train back to Mumbai

Kalsubai - Ratings and Reviews

Pandurang Ranjwan
Pandurang Ranjwan
17:34 16 Apr 20
This is the capital of Maratha Empire. Easy to ascend. One can visit all over year. Rope way also there except bad whether condition.
ROHIT yadav
ROHIT yadav
09:10 25 Feb 20
Trekking lover will enjoy a lot and the view from peak is surely mesmerizing.
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari
19:09 15 Feb 20
Feels like heaven for trekkers, thrilling sight from top. The view from the top is extremely amazing especially when you see other peaks on the side. Proper arrangements of water,snacks for the people at specific points in the region.
Krishna Kishore
Krishna Kishore
17:13 05 Feb 20
Highest Peak in Maharashtra & Sahyadri Hills. (1646 meters )Breathing views from Peak & beautiful lush green carpet mountains. Enjoyed entire trek. Water, lemon juice & few verities of snacks available. Locals arrange camp site, tents & food. Its totally different experience. Request to trekkers, Pls keep it clean.
Muskaan Chhatani
Muskaan Chhatani
18:02 28 Jan 20
Start the trek early morning , or better if done a night trek , the view from top is awesome ( sunrise ) , there are total 4 ladders in between , difficulty level is moderate and not too easy , not recommended for kids , there r many food stalls in between , descend is very slippery , it takes almost 3.5 to 4 hrs to reach till top as per your speed
sagar koli
sagar koli
19:22 20 Jan 20
Amazing experience as it's a highest peak of Maharashtra. The peak attracts many trekkers.
jayesh patil
jayesh patil
11:01 19 Jan 20
There are Tents available for night camping on the way of treaking. If you confirm price of tent at village just make sure with them or take in writing on card. Because they may try to refuse at that price on uphill. Some people try to offer Guide but no such need of them. Best season if just flew week after mansoon.
Pravin Gaikwad
Pravin Gaikwad
07:22 16 Jan 20
Trekkers point. Easy trek. 3.2+3.2 Km trek. Endurance level is medium. Night trek is reccomended. Can be night trekked by own. East to navigate. Enroute stalls for nimboo pani n snacks.
Akash Roonwal
Akash Roonwal
06:28 04 Jan 20
Kalsubai Peak is a must weekend trek, if you're in Mumbai! We were a group of 4 & we had hired a local guide by paying around 500/-. We started out trek post lunch around 3 PM! We reached the top, just a little the peak by around 6-7 PM wherein we pitched our tents for the night! We went to the peak early morning to watch the sunrise! Overall the experience was amazing & tiring as well for a novice. Highly recommended! Do hire a local guide, it'll make things easier.Besides on the climb up, do eat poha & have lemon juice! The poha was the best ive had while in Maharashtra!
Suraj Narsale
Suraj Narsale
11:21 30 Dec 19
Mount Everest of MaharashtraHighest peak of MaharashtraTrek details👇👍Difficulty-5/10Time require to reach up-3-4 hrsTo reach down-1-2 hrsEasier to trek👌👌Wonderfull view and scenery 🔥🔥🔥 For mumbaikars,if want to see sunrise then strt trek by 5.30-6 amBy train 👇👇Csmt -kasara last train reaches kasara @3amThen ST buses from kasara to Bari village(Base)@6,7 amBeware of monkeys👍
Seema Bangar
Seema Bangar
06:02 29 Dec 19
Nice place for trekking 👌amazing experience
Vinayak Ranshevare
Vinayak Ranshevare
04:59 25 Dec 19
Kalsubai peak is 1646m higher than sea level also known as highest peak of Maharashtra. This peak is really nice for experiencing trekking. Night trek comparatively preferable to morning trek. To reach the top you need to first reach to it's base village Bari and transportation (Jeep and private cab's) is there from kasara railway station. Also if you book your trek trip from some websites then they mostly provides this facility. Also it's said by our team leaders that average time to reach to top is 3hours but if you go with a constant pace you can reach there within or around 2hours. I visited this place in winter at that time temperature at the top was around 15° to 14° and forceful winds was giving more feel of cold this also leads to numb hands and face. So better carry a good sweater or warm clothes. overall you will experience great joy of nature and also you will get to know about your capabilities
Unmesh Konde
Unmesh Konde
04:14 21 Dec 19
Kalsubai is a 6.6 km long trek with an elevation gain of around 2700 ft. This is a one day trek having easy difficulty level with lush green landscapes and multiple waterfalls. The peak attracts many trekkers and devotees determined to scale the mountain. To reach the summit there are well designated trekking routes. The most popular route is through the eastern mountain face taking off from the base village Bari. The Waki river, a tributary of Pravara, takes origin on its eastern slope and flows as a stream through the outer fringes of Bari. A short distance away from the stream a Hanuman temple has been built. This provides an important landmark to commence the trek as well as a resting post for those nearing the final lap of their trek. The route from behind this temple takes the hiker straight to the summit. The trek along this route is a mix of easy to ascend slopes as well as treacherous rocky outcrops overlooking the valley below. Considering the increasing foot fall in recent years, the government has built iron ladders along the vertical hill slopes. These assist trekkers to allow for a convenient and safe ascent.
Kiran Kondhekar
Kiran Kondhekar
06:08 17 Dec 19
Kalsubai Peak we can say an Everest of Maharashtra. The treck is little bit lenthy but you will satisfy with heigh altitude that is 1640 Meter. Heavy air pressuer and freezing cold weather in Dec,Jan and Feb month. If u wish to go please go with your friends and family in groups in weekends so that you can find snacks and all. If u wish to stay please go with all the preperation. Base village is Bari you can reach there wia local vehicals but the frequency is too low and you will get vehicals from Kasara and Igatpuri
rahul kanaskar
rahul kanaskar
17:34 10 Dec 19
Highest Peak of Maharashtra. Which is 1680mtr in feet 5400. Best place for nature lovers. Easy to medium grade trekking. For getting here local buses are available from kasara station and base village is bari. If you are planning for stay you can contact villagers for food. Alang Madan Kulang and Ratan gad fort are nearby from this place.
Rohit Tibrewal
Rohit Tibrewal
05:50 27 Nov 19
This is a moderate trek. Though most of the blog calls it an easy one but dont get fooled. A beginner would find it difficult. The view from the top is great especially the sunrise. Would recommend not to go with the trek organizers as they have a packed schedule and you will always be in constant pressure for everything. First reach the Bari village and dn climb the peak before sunrise.have breakfast and climb now, take a taxi back to station. If you go on your own, you will have time to enjoy the place at your own sweet pace.
Naveen Prakash
Naveen Prakash
04:42 08 Nov 19
It was awesome experience for me first time i was doing treking great .What a view I can't explain it
Vaishnavi Chavan
Vaishnavi Chavan
14:30 14 Oct 19
One of the most beautiful places in Sahyadri. Beautiful scenario you get from peak.
prashant walanj
prashant walanj
07:23 05 Sep 19
Most amazing place in Maharashtra. From base you can't imagine how much you have to walk to reach the top. 2hrs45 minutes to 3 hrs to reach the top. Few staircases. Small shops everywhere on the way to top. In rainy season this place is like heaven.
Sneha Tiwari
Sneha Tiwari
12:23 26 Jun 19
Loved this place.. had amazing trekking experience, climate was awesome as we were in the clouds. It's an Everest of Maharashtra. To reach there one have to climb rock patch and iron stairs... but the experience is heavenly... the view from top is spectacular... must experience once...
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