Trek to Garbett Plateau (Garbett Point in Matheran)

Dhom Dam (Dhom Lake)

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2625 feet

12 km

1 Day





You Should Visit Garbett Point if You..

Love lush green landscapes:

If you go on this hike at the right time, (Read: July to February), you will be greeted with a beautiful green landscape for as far as your eyes can see throughout the trek.

Love saving money:

You can ideally do this trek for less than 150 INR if you take 100% local transport and bring your own food.

Love waterfalls:

Bhivpuri is the land of waterfalls. On the route of this trek itself, there are two beautiful falls: Diksal Waterfall and Ashane Waterfall.

Garbett Point Trek Navigation Route Map (Matheran)


Contact us at to download the KML file of the Garbett Plateau Trek Route Map.

Or check the steps to download the KML file.

Garbett Trek Route

If you do this trek during the monsoon season (which we highly recommend), you will be welcomed with a lush green landscape that you have seen only in paintings. The trek starts from Bhivpuri railway station and passes through Diksal village. Once you cross Diksal village and climb a tiny ascent, you will be welcomed by the beautiful landscape of Dhom dam.

After a long and beautiful walk alongside this water body and after crossing 3-4 streams of sweet and cold water, you will reach the first ascent of the trek. When you reach here, you will be able to see Diksal waterfall in the south.

From here on, there is a steep ascent till you reach Sagachiwadi village. Follow the route given on the map to navigate through this village. Play with dogs, and interact with the locals, if that’s your thing, get some fluids inside your body or get a quick snack while you rest for the next leg of the journey.

The village has a well where you can refill your water bottles. Use the map to navigate your way to the well. The well falls in your route towards Garbett point so you won’t have to go out of the way. Please note that this well is completely dry during summer.

Once you clear the village, there’s another leg of a very steep and challenging climb to the Garbett Plateau. This section of the trek is very slippery during the monsoons and you should climb this cautiously.

The climb ends at Garbett Plateau which is kind of a wide ridge extending up to the Garbett Point hill.

The walk to the base of Garbett Point will be rather a pleasant stroll with panoramic views of the valley on both sides.

When you reach the base of Garbett Point, you will have 2 options:

1. Climb up to Garbett Point through a narrow and highly exposed route with a drop of hundreds of feet on one side and the mountain on the other. OR

2. Take a left turn and pass through the tiny village in Matheran to reach Dasturi Naka

The first route is shorter and more thrilling but obviously comes with a higher risk.

The second route is slightly longer but does not have any exposed patches.

Both routes will take you to Dasturi Naka from where you can get jeeps to Neral station (80 INR). Neral is another railway station on the Central Railway line and is well-connected to Mumbai. This is the nearest station if you want to go to Matheran.

Memories from our night trek to Garbett Plateau:

A group picture of all of us on Garbett Plateau doing stretching exercises which will help us avoid taking leave from the office the next day due to body pain.

If you have any questions related to the Garbett Plateau trek, please post them in the comments and we will help you out with them.

How to Reach Garbett Plateau Base Village

Diksal Village

The base village for the Garbett Point trek is Diksal village which is adjoining the Karjat-Neral road close to Bhivpuri Railway station on the Central Railway line. You can make all your arrangements such as finding a guide, tasting the local cuisine, etc. in this village. You won’t be descending back to this village because the best way to end the trek is walking towards Dasturi Naka, Matheran, from Garbett Plateau and taking a Jeep to Neral from there.

How to reach Diksal village with Local transport?

The best way to reach Diksal village is by taking a local train on the Central Railway line towards Karjat or Khopoli and getting down at Bhivpuri railway station. The village is just a walking distance of 0.6 km from the station. If you stay in the western region of Mumbai, you can travel to Dadar or Ghatkopar to catch the train towards Karjat/Khopoli. Do check the schedule of the train on the m-indicator app (Android / iPhone) before leaving because typically there’s just 1 train in every hour.

How to reach Diksal village with Private transport?

You can drive all the way up to the base of the trek in Diksal village since it is very close to the highway. You can either find a parking spot on your own or take help from a local. Taking private transport is not the best option in this trek unless you plan to descend from the same route. Usually, it’s best to climb up to Garbett Plateau from Diksal and then go to Dasturi Naka in Matheran to catch a Jeep towards Neral station.

Availability of Resources on Top of Garbett Plateau

Drinking Water

There is no natural source of water at the top of the trek. You can refill your water at the well in Sagachiwadi village that falls on the route (find it on the map). This well is totally dry during the summer.

We suggest you carry at least 3 liters of water before you start the trek. Fully refill your bottles at the Diksal village or several Dhabas on the highway before you begin the hike.


Traditional Maharashtrian food, packed food, Maggi, etc. can be found at several dhabas by the highway. If you can contact a local guide from Diksal village (number attached in the “Local Contacts” section) they will arrange a delicious home-cooked meal at your request in Diksal Village.

There are a couple of stalls selling bottled water, Maggi, corn, etc. besides the Dhom dam but there aren’t any stalls beyond during the entire hike.


Garbett Plateau as well as Garbett Point are open from all directions with nothing to block the winds. Thus, pitching tents amidst wild winds here could be tricky. However, you will find ample accommodation options in Matheran as it’s one of the popular hill stations around Mumbai. You can even explore other beautiful points in Matheran if you have the will and energy to stay one more day at a hotel or homestay here.

Local Contact for Garbett Plateau Trek

Guide at Diksal Village

Nikesh Gaikar: +91 8237675228 / +91 7276623572

Food and Refreshments at Diksal Village

Nikesh Gaikar: +91 8237675228 / +91 7276623572

Best Time to Visit Garbett Point and Why

July to September

This is the period when monsoons hit Mumbai every year. During monsoons, the entire route for this trek is a paradise on earth. The huge expanse of flatlands and water bodies with a backdrop of huge, green mountains, free-flowing streams, multiple waterfalls on the way with water gushing through them, and the occasional cooling down when the rains shower on the valley. All of these make this trek an unforgettable experience.

However, there are multiple streams that you need to cross before you reach the first leg of the trek. The streams, especially the last one near Ashane Waterfall, can get really rough during monsoons and it is risky to cross them without any expert guidance. Thus we would suggest you get a guide at least till that point so that the local folk helps you cross the streams.

If you plan on hiking here after the monsoons are over, we suggest you start the trek really early because the weather can get very hot very fast.

If you plan to visit this place during summer, we highly recommend doing a night trek and avoiding hiking in the day. The entire route does not have a lot of places to take cover from the sun. Right from Diksal to Garbett Plateau, there are only a handful of trees and the route is exposed to the sun for pretty much the entire journey. Make sure you carry a lot of water (4-5 liters).

Things to Pack for Garbett Point Trek

- 3 Liters of water (compulsory)

- Torch with extra batteries (Do not rely on your phone’s torch) - preferably buy a headlamp

- Sun hat or cap

- Blankets and sheets (if you plan to camp or if it’s a night trek)

- Warm clothes during winter (Temperature could drop below 10° Celsius)

- Sports shoes or trekking shoes (strictly no sandals or chappals)

- Comfortable t-shirt (preferably dry-fit and full sleeves)

- Comfortable trousers (no jeans or shorts)

- Extra pair of clothes and a hoodie (weather gets chilly before sunrise)

- Electrolyte powder (such as Electral, Enerzal, etc.)

- Light snacks to munch on during breaks

- Fresh fruits / Dried fruits such as dates, figs / Nuts mix, etc for eating along on the trail

- A small day pack to carry all the above (Kindly avoid handbag/sling bag)

- Personal medications, if any

- Optional items: sun goggles, wet tissues, hand sanitizer, cameras, etc.

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