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Devkund waterfall trek is an easy grade trek in the Sahyadri – Raigad region of Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by some amazing treks like Tamhini Ghat, Andharban, etc. and attracts a lot of people for the Kundalika river rafting events. It is a 5 kms long (one-way) trail filled with beautiful scenery along the way.

Visit this trek for its majestic views and the comfortable hiking experience.

Devkund Waterfall Trek Navigation Route Map

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Devkund Waterfall Trek Route

The trek to Devkund Waterfall is 5 kms long (one-way) and passes through some dense forests and mighty mountains. It typically takes about 2-3 hours to complete. There are some patches that make you feel like you’re walking through the set of Avatar with massive walls of mountains on one side, mighty birds flying around you, and dense jungle on the other side.

The entire trail runs alongside a river and you cross the stream at multiple instances. The last stream crossing is tricky because the water flows aggressively through the rocky terrain. There’s a tiny bridge constructed to help cross one stream.

You cannot see the waterfall until you are very very close to it. When you do reach the vantage point, you can just stop and marvel at the sheer magnitude of this waterfall. You can look at all the pictures and videos of this place on the internet but you will still be surprised to see it up close and realise how big (and slightly scary) it actually is.

It’s best if you make this a 2-day trip. If you start the trek super-early in the morning, you will be able to beat the crowd and *maybe* have the waterfall to yourself before hundreds of people start pouring in to witness this majestic sight.

The village authorities have made it compulsory to get a guide with your group. The guide charges are ₹100 per person. There have been a lot of instances where people lose their way in the jungle and hence it is best to hire a guide.

How to Reach Devkund Waterfall Trek Base Village

Bhira Village

The trek to Devkund waterfall starts from Bhira village which is a quaint hamlet near the Bhira dam.

How to reach Bhira village with Private Transport?

The best way to reach Bhira village (Google Maps Location) for people traveling from Mumbai as well as Pune is to get private transport. Although there are some patches where the road is in very bad shape, the scenes that you see on the way can be enjoyed best if you have the liberty to stop your car wherever you want to for a quick session of clicking pictures.

How to reach Bhira village with Public transport?

If you plan to use public transport, take the local train on the central line and get to Karjat railway station. If you are coming from Pune, board an express that stops at Karjat. Do check the schedule of the train on the m-indicator app (Android / iPhone) before leaving because typically there’s just 1 train every hour.

From Karjat, take a bus to Pali and from Pali take another bus to Bhira village. You can also get a bus to Pali from Khopoli. This option is more suitable for people coming from Pune.

Availability of Resources on the Devkund Waterfall Trek

Drinking Water

The trek route practically runs alongside a flowing stream which you can use to refill your water. We would recommend using a water purification method that fits your needs before actually consuming the stream water. We prefer using a Sodium Hypochlorite based solution as a disinfectant and some filtration.


There are some small huts and houses along the way where you can find packed food items. You can request the locals to arrange home-cooked meals for you at the base village. Find the phone numbers in the local contacts section.


You are not allowed to camp inside the forest or anywhere near the waterfall or the trail. There are a lot of locals that can arrange camping for you in Bhira village at beautiful sites. Find the phone numbers in the local contacts section.

Local Contact for Devkund Waterfall Trek

Local guides from Bhira Village

Prakash: +91 87935 32972

Food and Refreshments

Shelar: +91 72762 83442

Devkund Waterfall Trek Images

Best Time to Visit Devkund Waterfall and Why

October to February

Devkund is located in a catchment area. When there is an above average rainfall, this place is prone to get flooded. This is a catastrophic situation if there are hundreds of people visiting this place at that time. Thus, entry to this place is closed during monsoons.

Once the monsoons are over, it is best to visit Devkund as early as you can so that you get to see the waterfall in its full force. The flow almost diminishes by the end of February but you can still visit Devkund till end of May. (or before the monsoon starts)

Itinerary for Devkund Waterfall Trek:

This is the most convenient itinerary for the Devkund Waterfall Trek:

Day 1: (Saturday)

02:00 PM - Leave for Bhira village

07:00 PM - Reach Bhira village and settle in the campsite

08:30 PM - Have dinner and chill with the group

Day 2: (Sunday)

05:00 AM - Wake up, get breakfast, and leave for Devkund Waterfall Trek

07:30 AM - Reach Devkund Waterfall, click pictures, take a dip near the shore, bask in the glory

09:00 AM - Trek back to the base village

11:30 AM - Freshen up and get lunch

01:00 PM - Start the journey back to the city

Things to Pack for Devkund Waterfall Trek

- 2 Liters of water (compulsory)

- Sun hat or cap

- Warm clothes during winters

- Trekking shoes or trail running shoes (strictly no sandals or chappals)

- Comfortable t-shirt (preferably dry-fit and full sleeves)

- Comfortable trekking pants (no jeans or shorts)

- Extra pair of clothes and a hoodie

- Electrolyte powder (such as Electral, Enerzal, etc.)

- Light snacks to munch on during breaks

- Fresh fruits / Dried fruits such as dates, figs / Nuts mix, etc for eating along on the trail

- A small day pack to carry all the above (Kindly avoid handbag/sling bag)

- Personal medications, if any

- Optional items: sun goggles, wet tissues, hand sanitizer, cameras, etc.

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