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ThrillBear India was started with an aim to make hiking more accessible to all Indians and encourage the culture of DIY hiking and camping for the young and the old alike.

We are committed to building a platform that enables you to access all hiking routes, biking trails, birding trails, and all types of outdoor paths around the world which have been walked on by a large community of outdoor enthusiasts.

We wish to bring the most accurate information regarding the places you want to visit and inspire you to venture out into the wilderness on your own (of course, with the right safety measures).

Use ThrillBear to plan your weekend hikes, find hikes around your international travel destinations, and find hiking events happening around you.

Team ThrillBear

The common denominator that binds our team together is an immense love for the outdoors. We are a team of engineers, digital experts, and trained outdoor enthusiasts.

Akhil Maneppalli

Co-founder - Our Mark Zucks
(B.Tech, M.Tech, IIT Bombay)

Mayur Varade

Co-founder - Digital Expert, Night Owl
(B.Tech, M.Tech, IIT Bombay)

Jeet Bhanushali

Co-founder - Content Creator, Design, Outdoors Expert
(Wilderness First Responder, NOLS | B. Engineering, Mumbai University)

Our Mission

Our mission is bring the outdoors closer to the people of India and improve the systems and practises in this industry as a whole.

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